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Don Revy is neither a name nor a place. Simply and in Scottish slang, it is a shortcut of "always on the bevy" or "always out drinking." 

The Don Revy Story

All over the world and given the evolution of technology and how this has made demands at work and business greater, people would always want to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work and spend it with family and friends. Most often, getting together always means having drinks to share with everyone. 

We at Don Revy fully recognize this need and we took it upon ourselves to providing you with new and exciting Categories and Products and experience the best beverages around the globe.

Based on Consumer Insights, each product goes through a rigid search process to ensure its great quality and uncompromising craftmanship.

This sets us apart from the rest as we consciously differentiate what we have and what we offer to stay committed to serving the true needs and aspirations of Consumers.

Tastes of the New World - this will soon be the next buzzword in the industry as Don Revy brings together What's New and What's Next in the world of beverages.

Vision, Mission & Values


    To be a regionally recognized Beverage Distribution company by 2020.


    We are at the forefront of making relevant and exciting products available to everyone, every day.


    We keep things simple.
    We challenge the status quo.
    We are always on the go and speed to market is our lifeblood. We equate good products with great services.
    We dare to be different but noble in our intentions.
    We put customers first and treat them with utmost respect.
     We value culture and welcome differences.
    We execute excellently.


Three bottles

Traces back to Don Revy Philippines’ roots (3 founders)

Outline of Don Revy's top-selling brands

Represents Don Revy’s dynamic and diverse products - especially in categories of Spirits, Wine, and Beer

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Achievement & Elegance that will continously become synonymous with the company

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Simple and modern details that complement the overall design and aesthetic