Crooked Apple Cider

The perfection between sweet and tart, has been balanced only with the fruit itself. Served over ice or well chilled in a flute, or tall glass, the extra effervescence expells the delicate aroma of orchard apple. Crooked cider is as natural as New Zealand gets.

Jules Clairon Napoleon VSOP Brandy

A French grape brandy that is aged for at least 1 year to develop its character into a soft fruit filled drink. Ideal for mixing or brandy based cocktails.

Lamb’s Navy Rum

English Rum

A Caribbean blend of eighteen rums from various islands including Trinidad and Guyana, Lamb’s is a dark, tannic, traditional Navy rum.

Lamb’s Spiced Rum

English Rum

A lower strength edition of Lamb’s Spiced, bottled at only 30% and therefore not legally a rum. This is still the same blend of Caribbean rums with cinnamon, vanilla, lime peel and other botanicals though.

Sierra Antiguo Tequila Anejo

Sierra Antiguo Tequila Añejo (40% alcohol by volume) is aged over a period of two years in small oak barrels until its flavor matures to perfection. It has a warm, deep-gold color and it is characterized by its aromatic, full-bodied, yet particularly mild, fine flavor. You will notice the sheer breadth of its aroma as soon as you open a bottle of Sierra Antiguo Tequila Añejo. The interplay of vanilla, oranges, clove, and pepper begins in the nose, continues to the palate, and fades slowly into a fruity resonance.

Old Pascas Barbados White Rum

A particularly complex traditional distillation method, coupled with state-of-the-art technical know-how, make possible the remarkable quality of Old Pascas White Rum (37.5 % vol.). Old Pascas Ron Blanco is an extraordinarily mild distillate that transports the full freshness of the sugar cane aroma into the bottle. Old Pascas White can be drunk either neat or on the rocks, and makes a superb basis for international long drinks such as the famous "Cuba Libre“ with Cola, as well as for all exotic mixed drinks and rum cocktails.

Bauza Reservado 40

Chilean Pisco

Golden straw color. Dense aromas of perfumed talc, potpourri, creme Anglaise, and ripe golden plums. A brisk entry leads to a dryish light-to-medium body of dried flowers, pistachio oil, pink peppercorns, and dried peaches and lemon peels.

Pisco Bauzá Aniversario

Chilean Pisco

Serve at the time of the low, either alone at room temperature, cold or on the rocks. It could be accompanied by some dessert that contains spices such as cloves and orange peel, such as past sopaipillas. It is also a good companion for chocolates, candied oranges and medium-haired cigars.

Cana Rio Cachaça

For centuries, Brazil has been synonymous with a kind of tropical paradise. It inspires people's imagination. From the crazy passion that its people have for the Carnival to the huge and mysterious forests of the Amazon region – Brazil is a country full of myths. Brazilians are a people full of energy, imagination and an effervescent "joie de vivre". They enjoy dancing, going out and of course they love their national drink: Cachaça!